General Vacancies

Social Companion – NRL Fan - Rockhampton


Put on your best Cowboy boots and get in line, it's kick off time for your new volunteer role!

Social Companion – Women’s Group – The Deck


Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to stir up your Thursday evenings?

Social Companion – Heyo! - Cairns


Are you in a Saturday rut? Shake off that weekend boredom and say Heyo to a new volunteer role at CPL!

Local Links - Calendar Creator - Gladstone


Support your community by being a Local Link' and discovering activities and events that match CPL client's passions and goals!

Volunteer Music Mentor - Ashgrove


Are you an octave above when it comes to music? You could be instrumental to our awesome music program!

Social Companion - Music Fan - Ballina


Take your headphones off, turn up the speakers and get ready to press play on your toe tapping new volunteer role!

Art and Craft Volunteer - Ballina


Do you know your Papier Mache from your decoupage? Get your paintbrushes ready, we've got a volunteer role for you!

Communication Board Assistant - Geebung


Make an impact supporting our clients with their interactions - by supporting the creation of communication boards.

Volunteer Gardener - Labrador


Do you have a passion for plants and gardening? Do you need a great excuse to spend an extra couple of hours outdoors every week?

Volunteer Sewing Assistant - Ashgrove


Do you know your way around a sewing machine? Do you want to add value to your community while doing the things you love?

Social Companion - Sailing - Graceville


Ahoy! Do you know your port from your starboard? Are you passionate about being on the water?

Social Companion - Wheelchair Dancing - Ashgrove


Do you dream about dance? Is Choreography your calling? Join us and do the Wheelchair Cha Cha Cha!

Volunteer Service Assistant – The Deck Hub


We are fighting food waste! Join us in this year's biggest food fight and volunteer with our Oz Fresh Harvest programme at CPL's Labrador service!

Screech Arts Assistant- Geebung


Are you a born and bred performer? Does performing arts make you screech' with confidence and squawk' with excitement?

Social Companion – Mechanical Tinkerer


Do you love tinkering with motors and engines? Follow your passion and share this interest with other enthusiastic hobby mechanics!

Volunteer Communication Group Assistant - Redcliffe


Are you passionate about creative writing? Are you interested in different forms of communication?

Screech Arts - Creative Arts Volunteers


Share your creative flair in theatrical arts with our Screech Arts team. Make an impact today!